7 Leaders Share Advice on Post-Holiday Productivity

Seasons Greetings!

The holidays are approaching and, like us, we assume you are all looking forward to a few days of holiday spirit and maybe a few holiday spirits too! BUT NOT SO FAST! There are still a few CRITICAL weeks left in the year so now is the time to kick it into high gear and earn the hell out of that break!

Wrapping up projects and client communications for the holiday can bring on stress and worry that can turn the best of us into a Scrooge, but if we don’t compensate now for the few days off there is no way we will be able to catch up after holiday. The last thing we want to do is worry about the inevitable chaos that will ensue as a result of a no well planned “relaxing break.”  So what can you do to prevent the madness? We’re glad you asked!

We asked some of Protis Global’s  leaders for  their best pieces of advice on how to prep before the holidays so you are ready to jump right back into work, chaos-free, in the new year. 

Here’s what they had to say…

MICHAEL BITAR, Partner + Managing Director of FMCG

Having a plan is the key. How do you plan to recharge over the holiday and then start quickly? If you are not sure, then you do not have a plan. What is important to you?  Focus on what you need to do to get off to a quick start in the new year and put those plans into place before you unplug for the holidays.

ANDREA HURTADO, Director of Marketing + Employer Brand

Remember to be realistic, prioritize and stick to a schedule. Sounds simple, but during the holidays it’s easy for things to fall through the cracks. Having a non-negotiable to-do list of daily tasks and project deadlines will help you not only survive but thrive. Also, send follow ups and be sure to hold your team accountable and ask them to do the same in return. Ending the year strong allows you to start with momentum and a clear plate. What’s better than that?

VERNON DAVIS, Partner + SVP of Business Development

If last year was a Great year, a Good year, or a Bad year – the only thing that matters is how you respond.

RICHARD LEDESMA, Director of Operations

Reorganize your to-do list.  At this point of the year things may have shifted or become unnecessary.  Create a separate list for your first week back so you’re focused solely on those tasks.

Clean out your email inbox!  When you return you’ll need to triage your email so you’re not overwhelmed by new questions and requests.  Use urgent and non-urgent to label new mail.

Don’t plan a ton of meetings for after the new year.  Give yourself a chance to get organized that first week and only schedule important meetings.

FRANK JUDD, Director of Client Accounts

For me, setting the proper expectations on yourself and on the client/customer during the holidays is essential. It’s imperative that the ball and process continues to move forward even if you’re not physically present to do the work. Keep yourself disciplined and set specific timelines for goals that need to be achieved – the world is not on pause while we are out.

SAMANTHA FORD, SVP of Business Development – Cannabis

I think you can only refresh when you take time to unplug. And, it doesn’t have to be for days at a time.  Check in maybe 2 or 3x a day, morning, midday and evening. Spend time with family and friends – and try to get some exercise.  Have enough ‘away time’ so you feel that you’ve actually had a break from the office when the new year starts.

MICHAEL EVERS, Practice Leader – Hospitality

Don’t stop – it will only make ramping back up that much more difficult. You invested the time to put balls in motion. Set aside slots of time every day to ensure you keep them in motion.  Then, slow down to spend time with those close to you. You ultimately work to be able to spend time with them. While doing so- reflect, grow, and evolve. Then, speed back up!


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