<![CDATA[There are tons of leadership styles and there isn’t one correct way to do the job.

Just because a person is technically your boss doesn’t necessarily qualify him or her to be your leader or to be the most effective at leading you. Bossing is not necessarily leading. The qualifier for a leader is that he or she must simply lead. The best kind of leader understands what he or she can do and where he or she falls short in order to compensate appropriately. Nobody is perfect but some definitely do it better than others.

Some leaders create toxic environments and relationships. It’s widely accepted that there are defined types of leaders but we have our own names for the ones we’ve all experienced and been erh “less than thrilled” with.

1. The Ego 

The Ego thinks he or she is the sh**. He or she assumes themselves as the best so your feedback probably goes in one in and out of the other. The Ego may pretend to consider what you are saying, but ultimately your opinions and concerns are never going to be taken into account. You can smell the superiority complex before he or she even steps foot in the room.

2. The Doormat

The Doormat is the foil to The Ego. The Doormat always tries to please everyone and tends to be a major pushover. The Doormat says yes and that’s cool but doesn’t promote success because he fails to make strategic decisions.  The Doormat is not a clear leader but is likely someone with a lack of leadership skills in a position of power.

3. The Chopper

Even the thought of The Chopper looking over shoulders makes us tense. This type of leader hovers over everything and everyone like a helicopter, watching, nit picking, lurking, and adding a general discomfort to the work environment.  Doesn’t actually facilitate progress because they are actually distracting everyone and ruining productivity.

4. The Shark

The shark is stubborn and bullheaded. Not to be mistaken for The Ego, The Shark is aggressive and relentless. Never is your statement or mistake disregarded, always addressed in a dramatic and insensitive manner. The Shark likely has a super low EQ and has no consideration for balance so don’t expect empathy for an out of work situations.

5. The Houdini

Last but not least we have The Houdini. This is the leader that is neither seen nor heard when problems arise but somehow is always present when praise and adoration come through. He or she always pulls the disappearing act. The Houdini talks his or her way out or around scenarios so you’ll never get clear answers. Sometimes they make the people around them uncomfortable and leads them to question tactics since transparency is lacking. This will later be conveyed as insubordination on your part. ]]>

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