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Samantha is the closest thing we’ve encountered to a real-life super hero. She’s sharp, fun and quite exceptional at most things she puts her mind to. She’s been in talent attraction for over 20 years so needless to say, she knows her way around people, business and numbers. What more could we ask for? She also spent 1 month in Nepal which helped bring a new love and energy to how she approaches life and work. One of the coolest aspects of Sam is her no-nonsense approach to life and an ability to really get what matters most.

Here’s how Sam rolls… when her youngest was learning to trek out on his own… walking and exploring Samantha realized it was tough on his knees. This one experience led to launching a business, Qushneez which are pants that keep those knees protected for fearless exploring. Samantha has also spent extensive time mentoring, fundraising and volunteering for foster kids in the Bay area to assist them in their transition from foster care to the real world and college. This is at the core of who Sam is… she is a problem solver, a dive in and get it done and focus on what matters kind of gal.

More recently, Samantha has developed a strong foothold with a keen understanding of the burgeoning cannabis industry in the US and Canada. She not only is focused on working to be the best partner for our clients in Cannabis, but is also forming an organization in The Bay Area, Women Leaders in Cannabis. The major focus of the organization will be to connect established women leaders in cannabis – particularly founders, investors, policy makers and other industry professionals. The group is in the early stages of planning, but the goal is to bring women together for events with high-level decision makers from government agencies and the industry. Their mission is to provide a network of support and connections to serve them as they lead in areas of regulation, compliance, public policy, political support, C-level and Board involvement

We told you… real. life. super. hero.

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