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Rodrick Santacruz

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Rodrick Santacruz



Born in Phoenix Arizona, Rodrick has lived in Albuquerque, Las Vegas, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and now Miami. Traveling around the country with his father who opened retail stores, he’s no stranger to picking up his life and moving it somewhere new.

He fell in love with California when studying business management in San Diego, staying in the state to complete an internship within the entertainment industry in LA. The hard lights of that world didn’t appeal, and after three years Rodrick went on to work at the Art Institute. As an admissions officer, he caught the recruiting bug, realizing he enjoyed helping people take the first steps along their academic journey.

He’s now one of our family members at Protis Global, and spends his day helping people take the next steps along their journeys, building careers and changing lives. Something he gets a kick out of.

Travel will always be in his bones, and he’s currently loving Miami, but planning his next trip, potentially around Europe.

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