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Richard Ledesma

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Richard Ledesma



Not to be confused with Jesus, Richard was born and raised in the 305, and spends his days saving us from every kind of problem. In a crazy quest for cold weather, his career has taken him to New York and DC where he worked in operations across a host of industries and businesses. From private hotels, to museums, PR and most lovingly, working with a charity behind the marriage equality act. Richard has managed operations, IT and HR seamlessly, to weave a thread of insane knowledge about what to do in all situations.

The beaches of Miami finally lured him back home, where he joined Protis Global to keep us operating to the highest standard. We’re pretty sure he does perform miracles on a daily basis to keep us all sane and happy, and although he can’t turn water to wine (we’re secretly hoping one day he will), he keeps us going, even in the heart of a hurricane.

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