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Juan Pablo Saavedra

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Juan Pablo Saavedra



Born in Colombia, Juan moved to New York with his family at the age of six, finding himself in a strange country where he didn’t understand the language. His frustration at once not speaking English has since turned into an incredible ability to connect and listen to other people’s stories, as well as a desire to communicate with people.

One more move brought him to Miami where he spent his formative and then college years, studying International Business Studies at Florida Atlantic University.
During his spare time he’s coaching kids gymnastics and traveling around the world staying at hostels, mainly because he likes to talk to people and hear their stories. (We told you he had a think about communicating). Since he’s mad for it, he’s found a perfect spot with us and he spends his days talking to candidates and finding out just what they want.

If you feel like having a chat or sharing your story, Juan is the man to grab a coffee with.

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