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Frank Judd

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Frank Judd



With big passions and bigger dreams, Frank conquered the University of Florida with a double major in sociology and mass communications. Being the most stylish man in the room lead him to the heart of New York and into the belly of Ralph Lauren as an intern. While Ralph Lauren may be his one true love, his love for his Cuban family brought him back to Miami. Frank always goes all out, so while completing his masters in leadership, he also worked in events management.

Watching his grandparents flee Cuba to start with nothing in the States has given him an insatiable desire to succeed and an unshakable work ethic. He puts that determination and grit into everything he does at Protis Global. He’s a dreamer, a doer, a lover, a mover and a force-field. We fully expect to see him on a billboard somewhere one day, but whatever you do, don’t try and share his food, he’ll only tell you to order your own. It’s useless, we’ve tried.

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