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Francine Rodriguez

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Francine Rodriguez



Francine started initially went after a degree in finance but with a constant adrenaline rush to try new things, she left finance for faster pastures and ended up in the world of restaurant management. Working her way up from supervisor to senior manager, and then going around the country opening new restaurants, she found the fast-paced environment she was after.

With a gypsy-type love for travel, she would constantly be on the move discovering new corners of the world, but we finally managed to get her to settle in Miami with us. We like to think it was our charm that did it, but it was probably the lure of the ocean that sealed the deal. If she had it her way, Francine would spend all of her time underwater swimming with fish, discovering coral and deep sea diving.

Thankfully we get her to come up for air and she spends her days finding incredible souls to fill restaurants across the country. If you manage to find her above sea level it will be because she’s planning her next trip across the world.

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