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Erin Donahue



Creativity, organization and relationship building are at the core of who Erin Donahue is as a person. Singing for as long as she can remember from middle school all the way throughout college at University of Florida, Erin found herself working within the non-profit performing arts industry for the initial start to her career. Now, in her downtime, she’ll occasionally post singing videos on social media, but don’t try to get her to do karaoke (that’s her nightmare)!

After moving on from the performing arts world, Erin worked as a professional home organizer, for a company in South Florida. She worked with people from all backgrounds and situations in order to help them create order and bring peace to their lives, and yes, her closet is, in fact, color coordinated. Recently, Erin has been working within the Information Technology staffing field as a recruiter and account manager. Learning how important building meaningful relationships with candidates as well as clients has helped her feel extremely ready to conquer the consumer-packaged goods industry. She’s also excited that her love of wine will find its rightful place at work!

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