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Dominic Tucci

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Dominic Tucci



His father is an Olympic wrestling referee, so it’s no wonder that Dominic is a fan of sports. He grew up living it, breathing it, and probably trying some moves out on his younger brother. Much to the horror of his mother.

Dominic (or Dom as we like to call him) studied at Florida International University focusing on marketing and social media. It should go without saying that he’s taken the competition, sweat and drive of a sportsman and thrown it into everything he does. When given a project at university to create a LinkedIn page, Dominic did it so well he caught our attention and is now a firm member of the family. He originally joined the Protis Global team as a Research + Souring Analyst, but his incredible work ethic, keen understanding of talent and ability to quickly connect with people has brought him into the Recruiting team. He’s now a Sr. Recruitment Manager and we can’t help but see a bright future for him and all the candidates he gets to work with.

If you need him, you can find him in the gym, on the football field, and failing that, you’ll find him trapped on the internet ruling over the digital humans playing fantasy football.

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