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Deb Dziena

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Deb Dziena



Deb brings a certain spunk, brightness and intelligence to any space she enters. She has an energy which is infectious and organically brings the best out of people. Friends and family refer to her as “Motha Love” and really there was no surprise for our team when we learned that. She’s a developer in all aspects, herself and others. Deb started her career at IBM, but half a decade into it she fell in love with hospitality.And like any great love affair, she went all in. She ran a high level sports bar in NYC. Since then, she’s been a Multi-Unit Director to a General Manager and fully rocked the hospitality space. Deb also happens to have a creative streak which runs deep, she loves photography, writing and travel.

Ultimately, it’s her love of developing the best out of herself and others that really strikes you. We have a sneaky suspicion it was this that drove her straight into our arms. Working within our Hospitality team developing relationships with innovative hospitality clients and the best talent in the space sparks joy in her and in those she engages with. It just works and well, we could not be happier about it.

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