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Benjamin Guthrie

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Benjamin Guthrie



Ben Guthrie is quite the renaissance man. He’s an academic by soul… a constant explorer of knowledge and understanding with a dash of rebel. He also happens to enjoy a nice social outing, an adult beverage (or two) and building relationships with those around him. Clearly, he fits right in with our Protis Global family. He’s unique and intelligent and brings to Miami and Protis Global a little bit of our roots, you see Ben joins us from Indianapolis and grew up in the Midwest.

More recently he was pursuing his PHD, so when we say he’s an academic, we aren’t kidding! While he loves teaching and has thoroughly enjoyed pursuing academia life, Ben realized he wanted something different. His love of humans and social interactions, brought him straight into our arms, and we could not be better for it. Now that he’s in Miami he is enjoying time under the sun while learning more about the surrounding community and how he can further get involved in it.

Needless to say, we heart him.

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