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Andrea Hurtado



When she was thirteen, Andrea dreamed of being a lawyer and changing the world. Thankfully for us, dark courtrooms and pin stripped suits wouldn’t settle her creative spirit, and now she saves us all through magical marketing strategies. Her desire to fight for causes and build up the little people led her to internet startups, construction companies, offices in garages, companies in empty warehouses, ad agencies, and digital design. Basically, she knows everything and will always have the answer you need. If she doesn’t, her impeccable research skills will find it for you. Years spent in dusty libraries means this woman knows how to find anything. Like, seriously, anything.

Her creativity finally won and lead her into the heart of Wynwood, and straight into our arms. At Protis she builds our brand, transforming us from a mass of shouting individuals, into a wonderful piece of art. If you need her, you can find her talking to artists and cuddling coffee makers around Wynwood.

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