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Alex Gould



Whether it’s building businesses, teams, or individuals, Alex has always carried a passion to create. With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, from bussing tables to ownership, he has mastered his craft of understanding the industry and more importantly, his talent of capturing what drives people. Curious to expand his mind and palate, Alex spent the last 15 years traveling the country working alongside some of the world’s most innovative chefs and restaurateurs. Throughout this process, he noted the challenges the world faces with sourcing quality food. Driven to make an impact, Alex is excited to lead his team at Protis Global into the world of food sustainability while simultaneously driving talent to the hospitality industry.

Finally settling in Delray Beach, FL with his wife and practicing a life of gratitude, Alex is devoted to continuing his journey to developing synergy within all his client partnerships. Never short of stories to tell or a quick-witted remark, you’re likely to find him scouring the city, making new friends, all while in search of the perfect negroni. So if you know a great place, make sure to drop him a line!

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