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Alec Bitar



Alec Bitar spent his entire life in the Midwest, growing up in Indiana. He eventually migrated up to the Windy City looking for new challenges and opportunities, where he made a home for himself for approximately five years. Missing his family, he made his way down to sunny South Florida where his family hopes he stays.

Alec is a health/fitness/sports fanatic. His passion for athletics and the human body was cultivated at a young age when he sought any competitive sport he could find. As a diehard Pittsburgh Steelers fan like his father before him, he won’t even entertain a conversation about the Cleveland Browns. (Don’t even bother. We’ve tried.) A former football star himself, he played throughout his college years, graduating from Indiana University with an Exercise Science/Kinesiology degree in 2016.

Engagement and sincerity are what you’ll experience when interacting with Alec. At his core, he is a people person with an affinity for relationships and human interaction. His love for people brought him into the world of recruiting and he’s ready to dive in headfirst. Thankfully, this dive doesn’t require a helmet and shoulder pads.

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