Over 86% of our business is done with clients that have done their due diligence and selected Protis. Our retained fulfillment results are 96.0% which is at elite level in the Food and Beverage world. The point of difference is how we engage the marketplace.

The engagement process is simple to understand but difficult to execute.  First, it has to be built around a mission of truly being passionate about Building our clients companies while delivering the right fit that also impacts ones’ career and changing their lives.

The client fit is built around Mutual Accountability, Fact Based Metrics and Transparency. We engage our deep network of talent by building relationships with each one around their core being. Personal Goals, Professional Goals and Financial Goals.  This allows us to align not only tangible skill sets but also align many of the intangibles that lead to a Better Fit and therefore a higher degree of retention.

Our Process

We pride ourselves on working with our clients as true partners. Our entire approach is based on listening carefully to exactly what you need, and then working hard to deliver those requirements. We are an extension of your brand, living and breathing you.


The initial intake call is essential for us to gain a detailed understanding of you and your project, the challenges and the ambitions. We undertake this meeting with you and the key members of your team. As a result of that process, we write a detailed Assignment Brief to be approved by you. This document is the cornerstone of the assignment, and provides a critical reference point for all parties to ensure that your roles are being represented consistently and with clarity. It also ensures that all candidates you speak to, are appropriately prepared for interview. This is an important process, and we spend significant time ensuring parameters are understood fully and agreed.


We then being a thorough investigation into market conditions, as well as targeted companies for executive roles. Our team of researchers work with the initial assignment brief to source the very best active and passive talent.


We then interview candidates in terms of their competencies, skills, knowledge and experience, as well as cultural fit. During these interviews, suitable candidates will be fully briefed on the structure, role and objectives of your organization, as well as the specific requirements of the position. Our interviews are competency based, and will be highly focused on gathering evidence on specific individual achievements.


Once we have identified suitable candidates, we will present the shortlist to you, which will be made up of individuals well suited to the role.

By the time you see candidates for the first time, they will have a firm understand of your business, your culture, and the role. They will have an appreciation of the working environment they will be joining. Prior to meeting shortlisted candidates, you will have a full report, proof of their qualifications and the informal references we will have taken.


Following your first-round interviews, you have the opportunity to have a second round of interviews with the final shortlist of candidates. At this point, we can hold a debrief with you to discuss options and offer packages.

Throughout the process, we will organize the administration of the assignment and liaise both with you and the candidate to provide feedback. We will manage the offer process and if desired, broker the offer, identifying what remuneration may be required to secure a particular candidate. Where necessary, we will counsel candidates to ensure that acceptance is achieved.

We also disengage any unsuccessful candidates at the earliest opportunity, providing full feedback so that their experience of your brand has been a positive one, whatever the outcome of their application.


We’ll maintain on-going contact with the candidate after the placement, to help them settle into the role and environment as quickly as possible. We’ll also gather your feedback, and be on hand to deal with any queries, worries or issues.