Nicholas Inglese

Recruitment Manager

Nicholas Inglese Team Member Photo
Meet Nick

Nicholas Inglese is a sales expert with years of experience. He has gone through many highs and lows to get where he is today, never giving up on his goals despite whatever obstacles were thrown at him.

He has always been one to set realistic goals for himself, even if they are challenging or take time. Nicholas loves that recruitment allows him to have a purposeful journey in his career, both professionally and financially – not only does it provide great living conditions but also meaningful work as he places people into life-changing careers.

Believing that honesty is the best policy, he has always been transparent in all interactions and it’s that transparency that he believes separates him from other recruiters. Nicholas will follow through on what he tells clients and candidates, even if it means telling them something they may not want to hear or taking them out of their comfort zone.

Nicholas works hard to cultivate strong relationships with both clients and candidates, an area he excels in because of his patience and persistence.