Dominick Manzo

Business Intern

Meet Dominick

Dominick is a self-starter who always wants to learn more. He’s a great team player, likes to take on new challenges, and is ready and willing to work hard for the team.

Dominick’s the kind of guy who won’t stop until he’s mastered it.

He got to where he is today by continuing to want to learn new things and always being willing to grow his knowledge and know-how.

Before working at Protis Global, Dominick worked at a local hotel that Bert Miller, our CEO, would frequent. After a series of interesting conversations with Bert, the rest is history—Dominick was given an opportunity to intern at Protis Global. The knowledge that he has gained and the people he has met have been unforgettable. He’s extremely happy to be a part of the team!

It’s his belief that most people have unique talents and like sticking with what they are good at, but for him, it is quite the opposite. There’s nothing like taking on new challenges or trying to master a new skill.

Dominick is working on completing his BS in Business Entrepreneurship from Lynn University.