Chris Pollitzer

Director of Marketing

(786) 540-3951
Meet Chris

While serving in the ranks of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command and Central Intelligence Agency, Chris honed his capabilities and expertise as a talented and pensive Digital Marketer.

In 2018, after climbing to the top of his military career field, Chris decided to retire from military service. He spent the next two years as a consultant in the government sector developing and executing marketing communications strategies to support foreign policy advancement. During this time Chris also discovered that he has a knack for interpreting data and explaining it in a way that helps drive business and marketing decisions.

In 2020, Chris made the move to the private sector where he made his mark as the Senior Marketing Manager for TooJay’s Deli, a Florida based restaurant group, positioning them to not only survive but to thrive in a post pandemic market. As the marketing lead for Protis, Chris is looking forward to helping position Protis Global as the industry leader in human capital.