Brandon Sanders

Research Associate

Meet Brandon

Brandon Sanders is a recent graduate and math aficionado, with a passion for research.

After graduating, he looked for an opportunity to grow professionally in a challenging role and environment. When he walked into Protis Global, the office environment and people were infectious with positive energy and a can-do attitude — and after many talks and conversations, it turned out to be the perfect fit!

Brandon is a nerd at heart and has been interested in technology, video games (especially Pokémon), and board games… well, ever since he was born.

He is always open to discussing anything tech-related at any time and genuinely enjoys researching. In fact, anything that piques his interest he will find out more about—for example, he was up at 5 in the morning just researching for a hiring project before he landed the role at Protis Global!

A little-known fact about Brandon is that he was a regional finalist for the American Mathematical Association for Two Year College’s (AMATYC) student research league.

The quote he lives by is, “Closed mouths don’t get fed,” which is something that was instilled in him as soon as he started working. Because of his curious nature, he is not one to hold back questions, whether it is about the role or what someone else knows.

Brandon earned a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Central Florida.