Senior Manager, Bakery Operations

/ Senior Manager, Bakery Operations
May 24, 2019 | rw-admin | Food-Confection
Position Id: MJB4393

Job Description:

Job Title:

Senior Manager, Bakery Operations


Job Overview: Coordinate efforts of all bakery operations to assure production and distribution of consistent quality products, in the most efficient manner possible, while ensuring compliance with government regulations in the areas of employee safety, food safety, environmental, and employment practices. Manage operations per Key Performance Indicators.

Job Duties:

Key Roles and Accountabilities:
• Coordinate results of production and support departments to assure that labor, ingredients, and equipment resources for product production and support services are utilized effectively.
• Ensure that a consistent quality product is provided to sales as requested by orders from sales.
• Maintain communication between sales and the operations group to ensure that orders are filled, and that product meets the needs of sales in terms of quality, consistency, and timeliness.
• Train and develop direct reports and ensure that they are providing training and development to their reports to ensure continuity planning occurs.
• Ensure that all departments follow regulatory requirements, and legal employment practices.
• Ensure that all union contractual obligations are fulfilled.
• Coordinate and implement Company policies and procedures in all areas.
• Ensure work force safety by administering effective safety program years at Dept. Head level position.

Background Requirements:

Education and Experience:
• Minimum of high school with at least 7 years’ progressive management experience including at least two years at a Department Head level position. A college degree can be substituted for 4 years of management experience.
• Understands the operation and use of high-speed bakery production equipment; Understanding of food production standards, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s); An understanding of the ramifications of producing limited shelf life products.
• Understands the process involved in production of cake products.
• Work Planning, Organization and Execution – Effective planning, follow up and organizational skills.
• Knowledge of budgeting and cost control through efficient use of resources.
• Understands the implementation of labor contracts within our industry.
• Train direct reports and ensure that they train their reports.
• Ensure work force safety by administering effective safety program.
• Develop direct reports and ensure that they develop their reports.
• Empowerment, Collaboration, Motivation and Enthusiasm – Generate appropriate team building skills within an organization; Adaptable to change; Effective motivational and leadership skills.
• Strong written and oral communication skills.
• Builds and maintains partnering relationships with other departments and key managers.

Working Conditions:
• Manufacturing Environment

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