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Job Overview

Company seeks to grow sales and market share aggressively each year – and, as a result, we seek to hire a select group of smart, creative, and fun people to help us crush it.

We are currently seeking a product formulation manager to not only lead our product formulation efforts, but also to help us build a foundational capability of formulation expertise. This leader will report to the VP Product Development and Innovation. This individual will own our formulation efforts across all categories, but with an emphasis on our personal care products and work with our external manufacturing partners and suppliers to develop and scale formulas that meet efficacy, quality and sustainability criteria. This is the ideal role for individuals who love to flex their left and right brains and thrive in fast-moving, dynamic environments.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Product Formulation strategy and raw material toolbox: this role will own the formulation strategy for products, primarily the raw material choices and formulation approach for product improvements and new products that ensure the perfect combination of efficacy, cost, quality, sustainability, and compliance to win in the market. This will be done in collaboration with internal business guidance, customers, and manufacturing partners.
  • Product testing and scale up: Formulation doesn’t end at the lab door; once developed a formula needs to be scaled up at our manufacturing partner and tested to ensure the final, manufactured product that meets all performance, quality and stability criteria before going into full production.
  • Creativity and Problem Solving: we love new ideas, new thinking, and new approaches. As part of the product development and innovation team, you’ll get to contribute well beyond the formula as we ideate and build our product pipeline.
  • Formula Ownership: whether internally or externally developed, we need to own and understand our formulas to allow us to effortlessly bring on new manufacturing capacity, tweak formulas based on learnings in the market or reformulate to adapt to supply challenges.
  • Cost optimization: our formulas need to work hard for us, and we are always looking for efficiencies and ways to do more with less. This role will work with the procurement and supply chain team to help us buy cost-effectively and adapt to supply chain challenges.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: it takes a village to bring a new product to market, and the formulation manager will need to work with the packaging, marketing, supply chain, and sales team every step of the way to ensure our consumers have an amazing experience every time they use a product.
  • New technology: This role will collaborate with raw material suppliers, fragrance houses, and manufacturing partners to ensure we have access to relevant new chemistry and technology to make our products even better

Ideal Candidate Requirements:

This job is for rock stars only. This role affords the opportunity for incredible career growth and development for the right candidate – it will provide an unparalleled learning experience and the opportunity to put real wins on the board in the large, growing market of men’s grooming. To be clear, it will be hard work – after all, we are an entrepreneurial venture taking on big, national brands. If you question whether this job is for you—it’s not. If you know this job is for you, and you meet the qualifications below, then please apply.

  • Between 5-10 years of relevant experience in CPG product formulation, development, and launch at a medium to large-sized consumer business (personal care, cosmetics experience preferred).
  • Strong technical depth. A lifelong learner coupled with technical know-how, such as a graduate level degree in physical or life sciences (e.g., chemistry, chemical engineering), that allows the candidate to deliver the art and science of product formulation.
  • An amazing collaborator. The ideal candidate is a natural collaborator and is always looking for the best ideas and technology, no matter the source. S/he must also build strong relationships with cross-functional partners at all levels, and particularly with our manufacturing partners.
  • A creative, entrepreneurial mindset. Not only does the ideal candidate have good creative instincts, but s/he must also have the passion to work in a rapidly-changing environment and continually bring new thinking to bear so that we may continually outpace our competition.


Located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis.


As a lean start-up, the company is a fast-paced environment where decisions are vetted quickly and opportunities are relentlessly attacked. There is the occasional long day, but we understand the need for personal flexibility as well. We have a very informal culture with an emphasis on having fun (we sell soap, after all), though we have the most fun when we exceed our financial goals. The company’s leaders are dedicated to the growth and development of the team; as such, we want to ensure that any employees have a much richer and more rewarding experience than what one might expect working for a large company.

Salary and Benefits

Offering a competitive salary and bonus, as well as health insurance, a generous HSA program, a 401k program with matching company contributions, a monthly parking stipend, and free coffee in the office. You read that correctly. And if you’re still reading, you should apply.

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