Molecular Biologist

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Molecular Biologist


Animal agriculture is wreaking havoc on the planet and its inhabitants. Deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, excessive water and land usage, pathogen creation, and toxic runoffs are just some of the problems it creates – not to mention the ethical concerns. With the global demand for meat set to double by 2050, we urgently need to create an alternative that is as tasty, as nutritious, and as affordable as the meat we all know and love. We are a well funded (post Series A, $30M+ raised) biotech startup that has been operating in stealth mode for the last 12 months. We believe we have the only viable solution to grow cell based meat at a price point which is competitive with factory farming. We are looking for mission-driven, skilled, and kind individuals to help us create a more sustainable, healthy, and tasty future.

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Has a PhD, postdoc or 5+ years of experience in synthetic biology, developmental biology, cell biology, or a related field; Is excellent at designing and executing complex cloning programs Has experience with mammalian cell culture and generating transgenic mammalian cell lines; Is comfortable developing and optimising protocols and assays in an unfamiliar system; Is excited to grow with the company and can dynamically take on the plurality of challenges that are inherent to startups.

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