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Market Manager Dallas

/ Market Manager Dallas
September 27, 2019 | rw-admin |
Position Id: VDD4404

Job Description:

Job Title:

Market Manager – Dallas


Company is looking for a team member that will initially focus on the Dallas market. Candidates should have proven experience and connections in sales to high-end hospitality including but not limited to; resorts, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and catering.

Job Duties:

▪ Accelerate and manage the expansion of product into premium restaurants, cafes, and hotels
▪ Manage sales in the Dallas area
▪ Build and maintain long lasting relationships with high end hospitality space
▪ Understand the story of the brand and share it to both current and prospective clients
▪ Field Marketing Experience
▪ Working with venues to sell in the product
▪ Manage 3rd party distributors

Background Requirements:

▪ Entrepreneurial mindset
▪ Excellent communication and sales skills
▪ Proven track record of sales to on premise venues, but not limited to those areas
▪ Distributor relationships

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