Kitchen Manager

March 8, 2021 | rw-admin | Hospitality
Position Id: IRC4525

Job Description:

Job Title:

Kitchen Manager


The kitchen manager is responsible for the overall operations for the back of house and kitchen area of the restaurant. The kitchen manager will hire staff, purchase food and stock, and make sure everyone is trained on proper food preparation and kitchen safety techniques. In addition, this position ensures that the company’s standards are upheld: the food looks good and is cooked properly, the proportions are correct, and it is cooked and served properly and quickly.

Job Duties:

1. Ensures the quality and safety of food
2. Keeps the kitchen and food supplies in compliance with Health Department Standards
3. Keeps the kitchen clean, organized and well stocked
4. Takes inventory and processes orders for ingredients and supplies
5. Maintains equipment and utensils
6. Trains and develops crew members
7. Promotes teamwork
8. Creates a great customer experience
9. Accomplishes company’s goals
10. Monitors food waste and inventory levels
11. Resolves food quality issues
12. Coordinates with other managers and staff to develop a strong team dynamic between back of house staff and front of house staff
13. Ensures the kitchen is properly cleaned and sanitized

Background Requirements:

Required Education and Experience
• High School Diploma.
• Chef training or previous experience as a chef.
• Must be ServSafe certified.
• Restaurant or management experience or more education is generally preferred.
• Strong understanding of business management and accounting principles.
• Excellent computer, problem-solving, and customer service skills.
• Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
• Ability to diffuse tense situations and resolve conflicts.
• Willingness to work during peak hours, including nights, weekends, and holidays.
• Effectively delegate responsibilities and maximize resources.
• Decisiveness.
• Ability to walk, stand, and occasionally carry heavy items in a fast-paced, stressful environment.

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