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Global Sales leader

/ Global Sales leader
June 25, 2020 | rw-admin | Food
Position Id: VDD4522

Job Description:

Job Title:

Sales Director


Sales Director will lead all sales and analysis of Sales Data for Nibmor. Needs to be hands on but also strategic and understand how products move in the specialty channel. Someone very connected in Natural and Specialty, Kehe, UNFI, Sprouts, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers and take a small brand and fight for Shelf Space. Understanding the little innuendos. They almost all buy from Kehe and Unify, so you have to understand the dynamic between the two.

Job Duties:

Need to be stronger than anyone in the building today, understanding what its like to attend shows and have a presence. Will go through reams of data, they will purchase Nielsen. Manage customer accounts and gain distribution into new accounts, ensure products are visible and they’re maximizing placement in the trade.

Background Requirements:

Sales experience in the Specialty Channel
Experience analyzing Sales Data, Natural/Organic Confections and/or snack bars

Related Skills:

Star Up in good for your channel, fast growing, dynamic, entrepreneurial

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