Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator

March 8, 2021 | rw-admin | Food
Position Id: MJB4661

Job Description:

Job Title:

Environmental Health & Safety Coordinator


Assist with day-to-day responsibilities of all safety and environmental affairs for facility.

Job Duties:

– Assess training needs for new and existing employees
– Identify internal and external training programs to address training needs
– Organize, develop or source training programs to meet specific training needs
– Develop training aids such as manuals and handbooks
– Track and report on training outcomes
– Maintain employee training records
– Conduct new employee onboarding training
– Conduct internal safety audits
– Assist with safety huddle program
– Assist with alchemy training
– Assist accident investigation/case management
– Assist HR with recordkeeping (training, OSHA logs, etc.)
– Manage monthly training that coincides with safety huddles
– Manage SDS, JSA’s, & written procedures
– Supervise safety committees
– Assist with company safety policies and procedural updates
– Monitor facility security and emergency action planning
– Perform monthly environmental audits (SWP2, SPCC, etc)
– Audit air, water & waste compliance for the facility
– Conduct annual environmental audits
– Monitor and renew all state, federal & county permits

Background Requirements:

– BS Degree in a related field
– Preferred 2 years of related experience
– Experience with safety and training program design
– Prior working experience with bakery goods and the baking process preferred
– Must be quality and process-driven every day
– Ability to understand and learn the unique equipment in a bakery and its operation
– Work Planning, Organization & Execution
– Highly organized
– Ability to plan, direct & administer work efforts to accomplish objectives
– Ability to communicate both professionally and effectively with all levels of management and cross-functional teams
– Ability to learn how to effectively use and operate computer software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook
– Warehousing, Bakery and Machine Shop environment

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