Director Technical Operations

March 8, 2021 | rw-admin | Consumer
Position Id: BEM4650

Job Description:

Job Title:

Director Technical Operations


Our client company, is looking for a Director, Technology Operations to lead the technology department through a re-automation of their internal systems. The ideal candidate will have experience in software development either as a developer or project manager overseeing the software development life cycle along with operational experience in or managing IT Operations and Cybersecurity functions. The candidate will be a collaborative member of the management team using their experience to help navigate the company though the re-automation and ongoing operations.

Job Duties:

§ Delegate duties and tasks within the IT department.
§ Review and report on completed tasks to ascertain compliance with standards.
§ Monitor all team members and provide necessary advice and guidance.
§ Perform periodic risk assessments and initiate risk control strategies, including reports to management.
§ Coach all team members and motivate them to produce desired results.
§ Organize regular seminars and trainings to teach team members new techniques and methods.
§ Keep up with trends in the constantly evolving information technology industry: IT Operations, Development and Cybersecurity.
§ Perform regular IT audits to discover areas of weaknesses, fortify them and report results.
§ Work alongside other departments to achieve company goals and visions.
§ Write and forward regular reports to management on the state of the IT Department, Development Projects, and Cybersecurity stance.
§ Provide solution to any complex IT related challenges in the organization.
§ Perform regular appraisal of team member’s performance and devise strategies to help with improvement.
§ Carry out in-depth research to reveal new and better methods of handling functions within the department.
§ Ensure that the company’s data and information are protected from unauthorized access.
§ Supervise repair and maintenance of computer, network, and telecommunications equipment.

Background Requirements:

§ Ability to listen to team members and communicate instructions effectively.
§ Ability to lead, direct and control team members.
§ Ability to handle multiple jobs at the same time.
§ In-depth knowledge of preparing detailed requirements documents and experience in programming or managing software development projects.
§ Excellent communication and presentation skills.
§ Ability to always pay attention to details and encourage team members to do same.
§ Ability to take proactive steps in managing problems.
§ Must be very security conscious and do all it takes to avoid sensitive data falling into wrong hands.
§ Ability to effectively handle stress, pressures, and challenges.
§ Have in-depth knowledge of management goals and visions and work in line with team members to achieve them.

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