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Director of Operations

/ Director of Operations
February 27, 2020 | rw-admin | Food
Position Id: MJB4510

Job Title:

Director of Operations


Person will be a champion for our manufacturing facility and head all oversight over buildout. Must have strong experience with fruit & veggie products, fridge & cooling facilities, strong logistics, a true visionary (someone who can see the bigger picture & execute against it). A flexible, change agent with strong intuition and decision making abilities. Ability to scale a HUGE must.

Job Duties:

Entire buildout of reconstructed facility site in Ocala. This person will handle vendor/contractor relationships, expertise in the development of food safety, manufacturing, logistics, and all operations at facility. A true project manager with visionary skills and scalability in mind.

Background Requirements:

Experience owning a project at same scale. Project management skills are CRITICAL. There is a severe sense of urgency to get this up and running quickly and set up right. Must come from food (refrigerated and spoiled able foods).

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