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Director of Finance Supply Chain

/ Director of Finance Supply Chain
September 26, 2020 | rw-admin | Food
Position Id: VDD4586

Job Description:

Job Title:

Director Finance Supply Chain


This position is accountable to the CFO & dotted line to the Director of Farm & Procurement and is responsible for the end to end financial performance of supply chain including but not restricted to providing decision support on all critical procurement initiatives.

Job Duties:

• Supports Business leaders of Farm and Butchery with inventory management, supply chain operations, expense controls, leveraging efficiencies during growth, and other areas as needed;
• Business development on procurement initiatives to extend the supply footprint.
• Ensures that business leaders manage performance of supply chain consistent with financial plans.
• Support Accounting team in shared service centre to ensure that Farm & Butchery results are timely & robust;
• Key business partner to sales lead for wholesale inventory items to manage profitable sales processes;
• Develops systems for effective operational oversight including the development and implementation of databases, data collection systems, data analytics, and other strategies that optimize statistical efficiency and quality;
• Other projects as determined by the Board of Directors, CEO and CFO.

Background Requirements:

Masters in Business Administration with a focus on agricultural enterprise and/or 5 years equivalent work experience in business analysis/research, business modeling, budgeting, farm and food processing management.

Related Skills:

• Communication Leadership
• Basic Technical skills

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