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May 8, 2021 | rw-admin | Adult Beverage
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Job Title:

Director Marketing


The Director of Marketing will develop, direct and champion the strategic roles of the company’s brand family by developing and executing marketing programs along with sales strategies and tactics designed to grow brand health, market share, volume and profitability. This position is responsible for leading all facets of the marketing mix including brand and creative strategy, events, sponsorships, public relations, point of sale, consumer promotions, advertising, visual identity including packaging, new product development, digital and social media, consumer insights, etc. to help meet brand and company objectives. This role is also charged with fostering key relationships throughout the organization including close interaction with sales to deliver all of our key objectives.

Job Duties:

▪ Identifies, develops and evaluates strategic direction for the brands based on knowledge of brand health measures, company objectives, market dynamics and target financial metrics
▪ Anticipates changing market dynamics through the use of primary and secondary research
▪ Guides the strategic development of the brand family in all channels serviced by distribution system
▪ Links multiple, complex data sources into actionable business initiatives
▪ Leads creative development (broadcast media, packaging, promotional, programming, media and communications) across multiple marketing mix elements and platforms
▪ Creates and maintains consistent standards for brand(s)
▪ Multi-brand direction and strategic planning for entire portfolio

▪ Brand and Market Analysis with insights gleaned from internal and external data.
▪ Leads Brand Planning Process with brand marketing teams to inform production decisions
▪ Collaborates with Sales Leadership (wholesaler management and key account sales) to identify and develop brand initiatives and programming in conjunction for Field Marketing
▪ Meets regularly with appropriate departments for forward planning, competitive reviews, and other needs to ensure that all brands improve their competitive position in the core as well as expansion markets
▪ Ensures effective integration of brand plan/activities with other company functional areas
▪ Financial planning and budget ownership
▪ Manages media spend, advertising budget, etc.
▪ Evaluates the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures, research and development appropriations, and return-on-investment and profit-loss projections
▪ Uses sales forecasting and strategic planning to ensure the sale and profitability of products, analyzes business developments and monitoring market trends

▪ Manage initiatives with scope across the enterprise and collaboration with internal stakeholders including executive leadership
▪ Provide sales and marketing support materials necessary to position our brands appropriately with distributors, retailers, consumers and staff
▪ Influence stakeholders with limited edition packaging /seasonal offerings.

▪ In time, attracts, leads, manages and mentors a team of your employees in such a way to ensure retention, development and superior performance of talent
▪ Works effectively with colleagues across multiple departments to deliver brand objectives
▪ Manages multiple external agencies for media campaigns including print, and digital

▪ Achieves volume, profit and brand health targets
▪ Manages Brand portion of the P&L
▪ Drives execution across all elements of marketing mix
▪ Manages development of all Brand programs, creative and other elements of the marketing mix

Background Requirements:

▪ Bachelor’s degree is required
▪ Masters preferred
▪ Minimum of 8+ years consumer/lifestyle marketing experience required. Marketing experience within the beer industry or alcohol beverage industry strongly preferred
▪ Minimum of 6 years as Brand or Product Manager across a number of assignments
▪ Demonstrated success in launching brands, driving “intangible buzz” and value creation, then accelerated growth of volume and profitability as a result of strategy and plans.
▪ Particular expertise in PR and Digital as a way to launch and animate brands.
▪ Minimum of 5 years of people management experience, including leading employees, colleagues and outside agencies
▪ Knowledge of research methodology and execution
▪ Leads tracking of goals and KPI’s –both leading and lagging indicators

Additional Attributes:
• Customer Service mindset – Service Leadership to internal and external stakeholders.
• Growth Mindset (open to change / there is always a better way)
• Is reliable, gets things done on time
• Takes responsibility for the quality of all deliverables, contributes to doing things better and faster
• Adapts to changing priorities as needed
• Proactively escalates issues before they become problems
• Collaborates easily with others and adapts to different working styles- comfortable dealing with ambiguity
• Can deal with or manage cross-functional resources
• Seeks and shares relevant information in a proactive manner

Critical success factors
• Strong attention to detail, analytical, thinking and problem-solving skills.
• Strong leadership skills
• High level interpersonal skills with ability to work collaboratively – working for various internal and external customers with the finance and sales teams plus other functional teams
• High level ability to set priorities and manage competing demands
• Excellent presentation and strong communication skills

▪ 30-35%

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