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Job Description:

Job Title:

Chief Information Officer


Shelby County Government supports and serves the largest county in the state of Tennessee. We are looking for a Chief Information Officer who brings a professional Information Technologies background who will direct our ever-changing IT needs, and provide progressive ways to move our county forward with cost-effective technologies and processes.
This position will be responsible for:
• The development of strategic initiatives and establishes the technology vision and implementation of the County’s information technology plan.
• Serves as principle advisor and consultant to Division Directors, CAO’s, the election commission and Elected Officials to ensure computer capability requirements are met and aligned for countywide governmental entities.
• Direct and align Information Technologies team to provide high quality customer support and value-added services.
• Ensure all technological processes and services comply with all required local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
• Manage IT enterprise budget and capital spending and report quarterly, to the Board of Commissioners identifying SLA achievements and cost reductions. Use technology to increase process efficiencies and effectiveness across all organizations.
• Conduct county-wide risk assessment. Direct, monitor and maintain cyber security and system integrity.
• Act in an advisory, non-voting capacity to the IT Steering Committee. Provide guidance to the IT Steering Committee regarding IT best practices. Assist the IT Steering Committee to align individual objectives and programs to enterprise objectives and strategies. Assist in developing and aligning IT policies and standards operating procedures (SOPs) for all divisions, departments, and offices across Shelby County Government.

Job Duties:

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Identifies emerging information technologies to introduce and incorporate within the County. Assesses new systems and technologies to determine potential value for the use across the County.
2. Develops county infrastructure to support and guide individual divisions/departments/sites in systems and information technology efforts. Oversees ongoing improvements and the feasibility of system/technology enhancements.
3. Directs the design and customization of technological systems and platforms to improve the customer experience, while ensuring technology systems and procedures lead to outcomes in line with the County’s goals.
4. Directs the development, design, and implementation of new applications and changes to existing cloud-based, mobile services, computer systems, hardware, and software packages.
5. Responsible for the development, review, and certification of all Cyber Security, back-up and disaster recovery procedures and plans.
6. Develops and establishes operating policies and approaches for county-wide applications, systems, and information technologies.
7. Evaluates overall operations of applications, systems and information technology functionality and recommends changes and enhancements.
8. Streamlines internal operations and help optimize their strategic benefits. Ensures the security of the information systems, communication lines, and equipment. Directs the information and data integrity of the County.
9. Prepares enterprise objectives and budgets to facilitate the orderly and efficient capture, storage, processing, and dissemination of information; consults with managers on internal and external operations that are impacted by the capture, storage, processing, and dissemination of information.
10. Reviews and approves major contracts for applications, systems and information technology services and equipment.
11. Directs and manages applications, systems and information technology strategic plans, policies, programs, and schedules for divisions, departments, Elected Official offices to ensure computer services, network communications, and management information services are established to enable Shelby County’s attainment of its respective goals and objectives.
12. Advises the Mayor’s Administration, Elected Officials, the election commission, and the Board of Commissioners on strategic systems conversions and integrations.
13. Establishes and implements short and long-range departmental goals, objectives, policies, and operating procedures. Serves on planning and policy making committees, which establishes IT policies, strategies, and standards.
14. Performs other related duties as required or directed.

Background Requirements:

Minimum Qualifications
1. Ten (10) years of experience in a senior-level (CIO, VP, or Director) of information technology and data management capacity with experience in strategic planning and execution; and
2. Bachelor’s degree required from an accredited college or university in computer science, software engineering, information systems or a closely related field; Master’s degree in Information Systems Management, Business Administration (MBA), Computer Science or Computer Engineering preferred with at least five (5) years of senior-level information technology experience, or an equivalent combination of related education and/or experience preferred.

Related Skills:

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
1. In-depth knowledge of enterprise-wide system applications, information technologies, cyber security, computer systems, hardware and software.
2. Ability to manage a full-spectrum, enterprise-wide information technologies operation.
3. Ability to assess, select, design, and implement an information technologies integration in a large organization.
4. Expert knowledge of data administration and management processes.
5. Ability to implement and direct service analysis, data security, and market research.
6. High analytical aptitude, project management, crisis management, and critical problem solving skills.
7. Professional written and verbal communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.
8. Good understanding of modern databases and information system technologies.
9. Ability to work in a fast pace environment.
10. Knowledge of contracting, negotiating, and change management.

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