Chief Marketing Officer

Position Id: MCG3198

Job Description:

Job Title:

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)


An experienced Brand builder and driver with significant experience in Digital Marketing and M&A experience. The right person will be able to lead an integrated strategy of driving retention and staff; plan and coordinate marketing programs; develop bank and holding company strategic marketing objectives, ensure compliance with all regulations working with the bank President.

Job Duties:

-Align strategic marketing with the goals and strategy of the bank.
-Advocate, innovate, and lead people, tools, and resources to develop and measure a distinctive brand across the company and through investment of creative resources.
-Coordinate and execute planned marketing and promotional campaigns and programs that are optimized and measured.
-Direct and manage advertising and customer communications content – including collateral / promotional material, digital messaging, and strategic communications about the company.
-Build and develop a marketing team consisting of a blend of internal staff and external vendors to help achieve organizational goals.
-Align KPI’s / metrics that are connected to business outcomes by maintaining sales data, market share information, and product penetration records to help lines of business implement revenue enhancement activity.
-Lead the marketing technology strategy to support the growth objectives of the bank.
-Evaluate purchased versus outsourced solutions with a focus on data science, analytics, and measurement.
-Oversee preparation and coordination of strategic internal and external communication including all press releases, media correspondence, social media, and other public relations responsibilities.
-Secure and direct agency resources (agency, regulatory and legal) in accordance with corporate direction and budgetary resources.
-Measure, assess, and recommend performance improvement around Client.
-Experience Management for all lines of business.
-Maintain an active network of marketing professionals and external resources to increase industry awareness.
-Develop an organizational structure to support grassroots efforts that reinforce a local market commitment aligned with the corporate brand.
-Deliver comprehensive marketing plans to support merger and acquisition activity to include external communications to all major constituencies, internal communications to support change and ongoing local branding campaigns to capture market share.
-Manage the allocated marketing budget.

Background Requirements:

-Bachelors Degree (Masters Preferred)
-8+ years experience with some in banking preferred

Related Skills:

-Ability to lead and coordinate a team through acquisitions.

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