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September 22, 2019 | rw-admin | Restaurant/Bar
Position Id: MIE4396

Job Description:

Job Title:

Chef De Cuisine (Boston)


We are a privately held restaurant group on a rapid growth plan that demands a culinary leader to run one of our soon to be newly opened locations. We believe the commonly seen separation between FOH and BOH does a huge disservice to our team, our operation, and our guests. We are here to change that. The culinary piece is what brings people in the door, the experience is what brings them back for more. We see an incredible amount of value in all things culinary- this is what drives the experience we offer to our guests and team members. As a result, if you have a proven track record of success in running a a fast paced operation, developing team members from raw talent to organizational assets, and one enjoys the business side of this business – we want to speak with you!

Job Duties:

-Be responsible for kitchen culture and best practices
-Lead your chefs in training team while delivering delicious food and great fiscal results
-Serve as a reference point for the entire kitchen team for questions on recipes, food specifics, and food quality
-Achieve and maintain the “A” letter grade from the Health Department, holding your team accountable and role-modeling cleanliness from your tactics organizing the kitchen and all stations
-Manage our kitchen, following up with all maintenance on culinary equipment, cleanliness, and organization of your restaurant
-Manage financials and collaborate with additional leadership to manage labor and food cost
-Build your kitchen team by interviewing, hiring, providing performance improvement, and disciplinary action
-Monitor and uphold food quality and presentation
-Evaluate our marketing line, measuring what’s ready to serve, what needs to be prepared, and any potential waste
-Ensure the kitchen is set up for success with all tasks completed on time
-Implement food preparation tactics that maximize efficiencies in your kitchen
-Maintain a tight and orderly kitchen, including storage, labeling, preparation, and all safety protocols
-Actively give feedback, monitoring the effectiveness of your team by providing timely positive and critical feedback

Background Requirements:

We are rapidly growing and looking for talented individuals that not only have the ability to come in and make an impact straight out of the gate, but ones that also have a desire to ensure the success of our already planned growth. If you are a bad ass Chef that has a desire to run an operation as opposed to a kitchen, this is the perfect fit for you. This position will require you to cook, create, mentor, coach, crunch numbers, develop efficiencies, and lead the business in the direction of our primary goal.


Related Skills:

-Knife Skills
-Hospitality DNA

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