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May 14, 2020 | rw-admin | Cannabis
Position Id: VDD4503

Job Description:

Job Title:



The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a trusted partner and strategic leader who has accountability for all supply chain related activities and to effectively assess, continuously evaluate, plan and execute against the company’s aggressive growth objectives. The CEO has direct responsibility for Commerce, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Material Management. The core objective of the CEO role is to unify strategy across all supply chain activities to ensure outstanding customer experience while leading and implementing substantial process improvement. The CEO must establish Key Performance Metrics, and create a culture continuous improvement. The CEO must deliver substantial growth in top line sales and bottom line profit across multiple channels of distribution. The CEO accomplishes this objective through leadership of collaborative, cross-functional strategies to ensure accurate sales forecasts, precisely targeted manufacturing plans, and on-time delivery. He/she is expected to ensure the overall effectiveness and growth of the company’s existing customer base, and expanding the company’s sales through new customers and leveraging innovation pipelines.

Job Duties:

– Deliver strategic leadership for defining the commercial path to growth and profitability of the company and the establishment of an effective growth process and infrastructure.
– Develop collaborative working relationships throughout the manufacturing organization in pursuit of the of the company’s overall business goals.
– Accountable for the customer and the customer interface with the company’s product and service offering, making sure that all functions of the organization are aligned to meet its strategic commercial objectives.
– Develop long-term plans and budgets for the department and its activities, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance.
– Ensure systems and procedures necessary to the smooth operation of the department.
– Maintain a climate that attracts, retains and motivates top quality personnel.
– Recruit, train, appraise, supervise, support, develop, promote and guide qualified personnel.
– Cultivate a culture of focused hard work, collaboration, accountability and results.
– Product Development Partner with the Innovation and R&D teams, as well as external customers to fuel innovation and NPD as a revenue generator.
– Originate, execute and manage business development opportunities that drive revenue growth. Lead new product development/commercialization efforts.

Business Development
– Develop comprehensive customer segmentation strategy and provide leadership for enterprise-wide business development opportunities.
– Originate, execute and manage business development opportunities that drive revenue growth.

– Lead development of the company marketing strategy with an emphasis on achieving market penetration and sales growth with attention on cost-effective customer acquisition and market demand generation.
– Develop annual marketing plans per region and per market verticals.
– B2B Marketing, Industry Engagements & Social Marketing

– Develop and implement the company sales strategy across key market segments to ensure that the company identifies and optimizes a clear path to aggressive growth.
– Assess, build and manage an array of necessary channels capable of delivering on the company growth objectives.
– Responsible for the full cycle of sales and business development from a planning, execution, management and control perspective.
– Control the achievement of KPIs and business growth.
– Accountable for account management and customer interface, making sure that all functions of the organization are aligned to meet its strategic commercial objectives.
– Manage sales pipeline to ensure accurate and adequate lead inflow to reach targeted sales objectives.
– Build, manage and develop sales team through robust people development and performance accountability.


▪ Unify all commerce business units (wholesale and direct-to-consumer) under singular leadership to optimize growth in all channels.
▪ Provide the Business Development unit with infrastructure, process, and guidance to ensure growth and expansion in wholesale distribution of proprietary branded products at optimized profit margins.
▪ Lead the formation of the Product Management business unit with the goal of building a dedicated team to provide outstanding service to customers seeking client-directed product development, licensed products, and other unique business initiatives at optimized profit margin.
▪ Support eCommerce team in developing sound strategies to build direct-to-consumer business with the goal of reaching >30% of enterprise revenue generated by direct to consumer business channels within 5 years.
▪ Partner with IT to leverage vendor-sourced technology to enhance business operations.
▪ Lead the evolution of the Customer Service Center to ensure excellent customer experience for eCommerce clients.

▪ Provide unified leadership to ensure that all manufacturing activities directly support sales and profit forecast, exceed customer expectations, and optimize cash flow.
▪ Drive cultural shift to focus on speed to market by dramatically reducing lead times at all points throughout the manufacturing process.
▪ Eliminate aged inventory and minimize risk of unallocated back stock through strategic demand planning and functional area collaboration and communication.
▪ Lead Design, Commerce, and Manufacturing teams in collaborative effort to build a sustainable manufacturing calendar that supports continuous annual growth in both new product development and bulk production simultaneously.
▪ Partner with CFO to ensure that talent and facilities are optimized to meet the requirements of the manufacturing calendar.
▪ Manage communication flow between leaders of all functional areas and plant locations to ensure clarity of priorities at all times.
▪ Support Manufacturing leaders in development of cross-training (talent optimization initiative) to maximize talent utilization and minimize backlog.
▪ Optimize strategic planning process directly linking demand to production scheduling across all plants during all shifts.
▪ Ensure focus on and foster continuous improvement culture.

▪ Provide leadership and structure for strategic planning and effective negotiations related to procurement of all goods and services required for business operations including but not limited to Commerce, Manufacturing, and Fulfillment.
▪ Lead raw materials procurement strategy by directly linking negotiation of pricing, terms, and conditions to enterprise-wide demand.
▪ Partner with CFO to manage general supply and equipment procurement activities within budget and deadline.
▪ Manage relationships with logistics providers to ensure optimized freight rates and guaranteed delivery to exceed customer expectation and minimize expense.
▪ Develop and implement strategy to manage separate, dedicated warehouse operations for wholesale fulfillment and direct to consumer fulfillment by location. ▪ Support Commerce teams to ensure cost-effective management of all logistics related to trade shows, site- specific sales events, and showroom activities.

Background Requirements:

Desired Attributes and Skills
▪ High sense of urgency and intensity conveyed with a measured, collaborative approach.
▪ Proven ability to nurture and mentor management-level talent.
▪ Capable of both self-reflection and constructive criticism of direct reports; share accountability while holding others accountable for success and failure.
▪ Oriented towards the need for evolution and change; focus on continuous improvement.
▪ Excellent organizational skills and the ability to hold oneself to high standards while flexible enough to pivot based upon ever changing consumer demands.
▪ High levels of enthusiasm and energy; passionate about delivering excellence.

Qualifications and Education Requirements
▪ Bachelor’s degree in business operations, marketing, manufacturing or related field.
▪ MBA or post-graduate degree in industrial engineering, marketing, or manufacturing
▪ Professional Lean Six Sigma certification

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