A Massive Win
for Passive Talent Placement


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What We Did

Found a strong candidate for Mars, and retained her and is currently still there.

Part of one of America’s biggest privately-held companies, Mars Petcare is an internationally-respected collection of animal welfare brands.

The Pedigree, Whiskas, Royal Canin, and Sheba brands are all part of its global portfolio.

Given the company’s long history of marketing success, ensuring the business has the best global talent from the top down is an absolute necessity. Diversity and gender inclusion is also one of Mars’ key commitments.

That’s why the Protis Global team reached out to Mars Petcare’s VP of marketing, Craig Neely, to let him/her know about the Elite Talent Program (ETP), which ultimately led to the appointment of a highly experienced female marketing executive— whose success rate continues to impress.

And to think that Mars Petcare wasn’t even looking for a new talent at the time!

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Successful Placement in a Passive Market

When Protis Global first launched the ETP program, we started to get a lot of interest from some highly qualified candidates with a vast array of experience. When we uncover a candidate with some great credentials, we’re not afraid to contact our clients— even when they’re not actively recruiting.

This was exactly the case with Mars Petcare. Knowing the company’s ongoing needs, talent challenges, and how their team is currently staffed ensures we have a clear understanding of their continued staffing needs.

Our contact at Mars was none other than the vice president of marketing, who we knew had left no stone unturned when it came to talent sourcing. So when the ideal consumer brand marketing candidate — an accomplished female executive — signed up for the ETP program, we contacted the VP of marketing directly.

Mars Petcare

Quality Candidates Always Welcome

Despite not having an immediate job role to fill, it was clear that the candidate we put forward was an excellent fit for Mars Petcare’s brand portfolio. Realizing that a competitor could easily snap up her, Mars quickly offered her a position, where she remains today — and continues to thrive.

Open to boosting your team – even if you’re not actively recruiting? Discover how Protis’ ETP program can help.

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