The Best Advice I Have Ever Received Is… with Ben Guthrie

Advice is free, but not all advice should be taken. During undergrad, I had a handful of professors who made points or statements about life, career or the future that resonated with me heavily. I would say the most important lesson that comes to mind most often and has, in large part, shaped the way I make most of my professional and personal decisions is to ask myself “is the juice worth the squeeze?” before moving forward with any decision. Is the effort and resources allocated worth the potential outcome. Is what you put in worth what you’re going to get out of it or accomplish

I wondered what other notable encounters and advice resonated with my coworkers. I also wondered if the advice that resonated most with them was because it was the best advice they’ve received or because it was the worst. So I asked them. I decided to chat with some of the team and ask about some of the major “mile markers” in their professional journeys and we thought we would share it!

Here is what Ben Guthrie, Recruitment Manager, had to say…

What is the best advice you have ever received in regards to professional growth?

Go out on a limb; that’s where all the fruit is. Be aggressive to a fault and take risks in your career because we only go through this life once.

What is the worst advice you have ever received in regards to professional growth?

To be selfish & demanding when needed in leadership. I have learned it’s easier to be selfish and demanding rather than having continuous humility and leading others through empathy and kindness.

What is the best and worst advice you’ve received about work/life balance?


There is no such thing as work/life balance.


Never put your work over your family. If you see that balance is tough, set boundaries for yourself, so you are able to be 100% focus on your loved ones and other aspects of your life. Agile working is best for balance. Not having set hours and working around the clock when needed. The world requires flexibility and adapting for humans to survive in life. We aren’t robots.

Who was your most memorable client last year and why?

My most memorable moment with a client last year was when I was fresh out of my training, and our team of seven was set to fill 25 roles in three weeks for our client, JUUL. The amount of speed and focus our group had was contagious in meeting this expectation.

What is the most valuable client interaction you’ve had to date? What did you learn and how has it shaped you professionally?

The most valuable client interaction I have had is with Trulieve. Their Head of HR constantly shows consistency in being intuitive towards us each week. He is truly a leader with a high EQ that is results oriented.  

What is the best and worst advice you have ever received? What is the most valuable business lesson you have learned? Share with us your most notable piece of guidance via our socials or contact our Marketing Specialist, Trisha Patel at [email protected]!

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