The cannabis industry is new, sexy and many people are now considering shifting their career path into “cannabusiness.” The industry is relatively embryonic which leads to a diverse and expansive set of opportunities for talent wanting to take part in this industry’s growth. Protis Global jumped has been working within cannabis space since it’s legal beginning. As it’s grown so has the demand, and in turn our team. In order to further expand our reach we brought on Samantha Ford recently – talent attraction savant, cannabis industry expert, and general badass woman – to drive our cannabis division. Often times, we speak to people that feel that since they have no actual work experience related to the cannabis industry, they are unable to make the transition. They are wrong. The industry is new which means two things: (1) experience is nearly impossible to have and (2) the businesses in the industry are still structuring from the ground up and they need talent in every aspect. Samantha has stated that any position vital for a business to function is necessary as well as career paths more specifically geared towards the cannabis industry. We decided to outline just a few examples of professions that are in high demand in the industry right now as well as the current career and skill set that would help someone transition into that role.


Potential Roles: CFO, CPA, Accountant, Financial Analysts, Consultants, Auditors Banking system and financial infrastructures are shaky right now so companies take special care to make sure their books and financials are perfect and strategic. These companies are preparing and operating this way now and will need these crucial financial roles to be strong when full federal banking compliance is realized.   ]]>

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