Implementing D&I in the Workplace: Getting to the Root of It

By Adam Poncharoensub / July 31, 2020

While it may be a hot topic now considering the current political climate, diversity & inclusivity in the workplace has always been incredibly important. However, it’s fairly difficult to implement, mostly because Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) have been afforded less opportunity than their White counterparts, and this…

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Protis' Mike Bitar & Cheri Eisen discuss diversity and inclusin with Joe Mullings

The ‘I’ in D&I

By Ryan Barrar / July 29, 2020

When attempting to address an issue, especially one as varied and textured as Diversity and Inclusion, (D&I) I think it’s important to start from an agreed upon operating definition. Social unrest and various forms of activism has shed light to the age-old problem of D&I in corporate environments, and it…

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