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Month: January 2019

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By Trisha Patel / January 29, 2019

Today we’re going to scratch the surface of cannabis basics. Protis Global is fully immersed in the cannabis space. We are aligned with many of the “heavy hitters” if you will in the cannabis industry allowing us to have valuable and current insights with responsibly sourced and accurate information. PG…

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By Trisha Patel / January 28, 2019

RING RING RIIIIIIIING. You should probably answer that; it’s your next big opportunity calling. Are you ready? Let’s talk about phone interviews. Phone interviews are probably going to be the most common interview format you will experience these days. Likely, you won’t have an “in-person” encounter until you’ve made it…

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Bert Miller on Ancillary Businesses in Cannabis

By Bert Miller / January 23, 2019

The first piece of advice I have is obvious… make sure you keep up with even the subtlest of changes to regulations and trends in the cannabis business. Small changes to cannabis business can yield major changes and adaptation for its ancillary businesses. Know your audience. Though this is a…

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By Trisha Patel / January 21, 2019

What time should I arrive to an interview? Early. No excuses. But smart early, not weird early! What we recommend is to PLAN to be there 30 minutes early. This allows you to factor in any mishap or traffic scenario. The trick is, don’t report to the interview that early…

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